Hot air ballooning in Cappadocia | Up and over the fairy chimneys

The sky was melting from morning black to dawn blue, while we were looking out over a field of hot hair balloons slowly billowing up like giant mushrooms, with bursts of fuel and flashes of light. It’s a dark early morning in Göreme, Cappadocia, and we stand shivering (of nerves and excitement and of freezing […]

Roadtripping Turkey

Driving through the West of Turkey was one of the most wonderful travel experiences – without knowing much in terms of what to expect from the landscape, we saw the earth rising up to snow-capped mountainous peaks, dip low into fertile valleys, open up to reveal beautifully placid lakes, and sink into the cyan-blue of […]

A Guide To Turkish Food – Eat This, Drink That

“Dear Diary, I am so fat. At least I’ve still got a great personality, though…? Oh, there’s the pastry cart! BRB.” …is what I my diary entries would have looked like in Istanbul if I were to keep diaries. I constantly tell people that I still feel like I ate the whole entire Istanbul. I […]

Shopping in Turkish, or How Not to Consume Ayran

I love preparing my own food. I plan weekly meals and buy the ingredients that I need so that nothing goes bad and so that I don’t have to sit with the ‘what-are-we-eating-tonight’ problem. I’ve always looked forward to cooking that first meal whenever we have moved or been away on vacation. So, after a […]

How to Escape the City of Istanbul

Istanbul – a global city spanning two continents; settled in both Europe and Asia. It is the economic and cultural heart of Turkey and dates back more than three millennia, having been the capital of the Roman, Latin and Ottoman Empires. The city has seen the rise and fall of Phoenicia, Ancient Greece, Ancient Persia, […]

Exploring the Sleepy Ruins of Kayaköy

This past week I have been daydreaming about being elsewhere. Some place surrounded by rolling green hills, hugged by the gently lapping waters of the nearly-clear, blue-green mediterranean sea, with the echoing sounds of a combination of folk-music, clapping and laughter in the background. All of this infused with the wafting aromas of aubergine and […]