The Magic of Croatia: A Guide to the Dalmatian Coast

The last week before my MA thesis was due, Joel kept giddily dropping hints about a secret celebration trip he planned for me. The hints were especially vague, and it had to be somewhere where I (having a South African passport) already had a visa for, aka in the Schengen area. Then, on the morning […]

Roadtripping Turkey

Driving through the West of Turkey was one of the most wonderful travel experiences – without knowing much in terms of what to expect from the landscape, we saw the earth rising up to snow-capped mountainous peaks, dip low into fertile valleys, open up to reveal beautifully placid lakes, and sink into the cyan-blue of […]

Exploring the Sleepy Ruins of Kayaköy

This past week I have been daydreaming about being elsewhere. Some place surrounded by rolling green hills, hugged by the gently lapping waters of the nearly-clear, blue-green mediterranean sea, with the echoing sounds of a combination of folk-music, clapping and laughter in the background. All of this infused with the wafting aromas of aubergine and […]