The Scottish Island Life | A Weekend on the Isle of Arran

When Friday rolled by and we found ourselves in the car queue for the ferry to the Isle of Arran, we could not be happier. After back-to-back Arcade Fire shows in London and Manchester, and then a 4-hour drive up to Scotland, we were ready for some peace and quiet and all that Scottish charm…and […]

The Fairytale of Lake Bled, Slovenia – and the 10 things you absolutely have to do there

Last night, after getting off a long long-distance phone call with my mom, swapping travel stories, I was once again overcame with gratitude that she raised me with wanderlust – an innate desire to travel or wander, to be curious about the world outside of my little corner of it. My first ever adventure outside of […]

Hiking the Seven Sisters cliffs | A Day Out in the English Country

We moved to London about a year and a half ago and one of my favourite days in England was hiking the Seven Sisters on the South Coast. The Seven Sisters are a series of rolling chalk cliffs that form Seven Sisters Country Park –  it’s just a gorgeous landscape, a relaxing hike through green […]

Starry skies and the Egyptian sunrise | the overnight hike up Mt. Sinai

It was about midnight, and we were with a handful of other people that were complete strangers to us, most of them sleeping and rocking sideways with the motion of the minibus that was being driven by an older gentleman who looked like he could’ve been Indiana Jones’s assistant or something. It was pitch black […]

Traveling is for making friends and being there for their proposal

Alongside all the rush of adventure, the necessary beauty of solitude, seeing new majestic and wonderful landscapes, figuring out the crazy ways of shiny new cityscapes, eating all of the new and delicious things, experiencing or witnessing absolutely different ways to life, one of the greatest joys of traveling is meeting new people. Thailand is […]

One Does Not Simply ‘Visit’ Petra

“What is the coolest thing you’ve ever done?” Is a question Joel and I often test each other with. And for over a year, for both of us, it has always been a toss-up between snorkelling with whale sharks and encountering Petra. I say ‘encountering’ because going to Petra is not like visiting a place. […]