The Magic of Croatia: A Guide to the Dalmatian Coast

The last week before my MA thesis was due, Joel kept giddily dropping hints about a secret celebration trip he planned for me. The hints were especially vague, and it had to be somewhere where I (having a South African passport) already had a visa for, aka in the Schengen area. Then, on the morning […]

The Fairytale of Lake Bled, Slovenia – and the 10 things you absolutely have to do there

Last night, after getting off a long long-distance phone call with my mom, swapping travel stories, I was once again overcame with gratitude┬áthat she raised me with wanderlust – an innate desire to travel or wander, to be curious about the world outside of my little corner of it. My first ever adventure outside of […]

A Sunday in Warsaw: Milk Bars and The Magic of Old Things

A few months ago we found our invitation lying on our London doormat, and ever since then we have been looking forward to a weekend in Warsaw celebrating the wedding of our friends Danny and Karo. The day of our departure was then upon us and, as usual, we scurried around packing bags and getting […]

Ireland in Five Acts

Act One: Castles We found ourselves climbing steep, impossibly windy staircases, leading into rooms recalling times and places familiar to us only because of made-up stories about dragons, kings, princesses, old heavy books and magi that we used to believe. We followed the stairs until we reached the very top of Bunratty castle, the Irish […]