A – Z of 2016 | Our Year in Travel

The past year was quite a crazy one, even for Bronkowski standards. We started the 1st day of the new 2016 with a road trip in Ireland with our London partners in crime, and hailed in the first minutes of 2017 under a blaze of sparks and a sky full of floating lanterns on a […]

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner on Koh Phangan

After three¬†flights from Istanbul, most of them spent awake trying to write an essay that would be due the day after landing in Thailand, we arrived at Koh Samui’s harbour – exhausted, sticky, and on the edge of being hangry, and started our three-hour wait for the ferry that would take us to Koh Phangan. […]

Traveling is for making friends and being there for their proposal

Alongside all the rush of adventure, the necessary beauty of solitude, seeing new majestic and wonderful landscapes, figuring out the crazy ways of shiny new cityscapes, eating all of the new and delicious things, experiencing or witnessing absolutely different ways to life, one of the greatest joys of traveling is meeting new people. Thailand is […]