We are a South African-American couple figuring life and stuff out all around the globe. It’s just us and our cats, except when we leave HQ in Cape Town, South Africa, and drop the cats off at our South African mom’s house. This blog is about all the adventures we get up to when our cats are at mom’s…’Two Cats at Mom’s’!

Well, that’s not entirely true. Unfortunately when we set up this blog we had two cats, but in the mean time one of them, our quarter-of-a-tailed special friend called Zil Zil, passed away. We decided to keep the name as a little tribute to the best and bravest cat we have ever known. So now, our little family consists of me (Annchen), my husband (Joel), and our mild-mannered cat, Tibs, whom we picked up at the shelter right after we got married a couple of years ago.

So for clarity’s sake, here’s a little ‘about’ on each of us:

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 4.50.38 PM



I was born and raised in the best city on this earth: Cape Town, South Africa! But am now pursuing a career in the museum sector, which has taken us to both Istanbul, Turkey, and Washginton, DC, USA this year! I did a Bachelors in Fine Arts in Stellenbosch, South Africa, and a Postgraduate Honours degree in Curatorship at University of Cape Town, and in just a couple of months we will move to London for a year so that I can complete my one-year Masters at University College London! (Sorry Tibs).

I say things like ‘as well’, ‘ja nee’ (yes no), ‘shame’ (as an exclamation of pity, or how adorable something is), ‘ok, you can go, it’s clean (when there’s no oncoming cars), or occasionally ‘what’s that word in English…??’. That’s because my native language is Afrikaans. But I make up for it by also speaking fairly okay German (That’s why my Siri speaks German), and understanding some Dutch. My blog posts are also much longer than Joel’s. So sorry in advance.

Also, I am a huge geek. I love learning and researching and I LOVE museums, and not to self-promote or anything , but I have another blog called Another Way of Looking where I write about things I have seen in/around museums and other related issues.

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We’ll see what he does.



Tibs likes afternoon naps, long walks on the beach, and stabilised food from a foil-lined pouch. He is seriously afraid of heights, as well as of Joel. He does not cover his poop, but he pretends that he tries really hard to, so I just end up laughing and thinking it’s cute (cat-lady problems). Tibs is also super smart, so he rarely falls for the whole using-your-finger-as-a-cat-toy thing – he knows it’s just your finger and he’s not impressed. One time he even opened our fridge. Also, he is just a cat and won’t be writing anything on this blog.

Also, he loves it at my mom’s house.

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 4.52.31 PM



Zil Zil


Zil Zil liked trying things that she actually was incapable of doing, and is consequently wherever all the best cats go when they die.

Anyways, she had the tiniest of tails, because the shelter had to cut it off when they found her, and she weighed almost nothing – we are convinced that she was missing some organs or something (which might have also  lead to her untimely death). Her meow-er was also broken, and so she made noises that I think the birds taught her.

However, she was the perfect cat: she always wanted to cuddle, she crept underneath the covers with me, she woke me up in the mornings, she always sat on my laptop when I needed to work on it, she was constantly trying to escape the apartment, she had no balance, she peed (and almost one time pooped) on the bed in the middle of the night, she didn’t like being picked up, especially by Joel….oh wait…

Anyways, we loved her and here is a picture of her trying to escape again:



Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 4.54.05 PM

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